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Total Dental Care in Pueblo, CO

At Dr. Tony Roberts DDS, LLC, our goal is to help you keep your teeth as healthy as possible over the course of your lifetime. To that end, we provide a number of quality services in Pueblo, CO.

Yearly Cleaning and X-rays

Even if you're absolutely scrupulous about daily flossing and brushing after you eat, plaque and tartar have a tendency to build up on your teeth over time. Plaque is a bacterial film, which calcifies into tartar if it's not removed. The presence of tartar can mobilize your body's immune system, which is why your gums become red and inflamed when you have a lot of it. This inflammatory response can actually lead to the destruction of gum tissue and the underlying bone if the tartar isn't removed through teeth cleanings. Regular cleanings and yearly X-rays give us the opportunity to check on the health of those parts of your teeth that lie under the gums.
Brushing teeth — Dental Cleaning in Pueblo CO

Gum Disease Prevention

If your gums bleed when you're brushing or flossing your teeth, you may have gum disease. We sell prescription-strength fluoride toothpastes that can give you an added layer of protection.

Fluoride Treatments

For our pediatric and adult patients, we can apply fluoride solutions to the teeth that provide an additional layer of protection against tooth decay.

Periodontal Care

For patients with gum disease, we offer specialized teeth cleaning procedures that go deep into any pockets where the most harmful bacteria are found.
Flossing Teeth — Oral Care in Pueblo CO

Emergency Services

If you sustain an injury that damages your teeth, we'll try to make sure you get the dental care that may be able to repair that damage as soon as possible.

Dr. Tony Roberts DDS, LLC, never charges for a dental consultation, so call our clinic in Pueblo today to arrange for an appointment.